Safe Collar

$ 19.99

Nothing like a fashion statement with a safety purpose!

The Safe Collar by Non-Stop Dogwear is a big, gorgeous, bright-orange collar that could save your dog’s life. An elastic strap on the front of the collar allows your dog to get free if they are ever snagged. Two metal rings allow you to close the elastic strap with a leash buckle while you are walking your dog so that they can’t get free from you! The bright-orange color makes your dog highly-visible, aided by metallic reflectors encircling the collar. Choke free, the collar is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, including running, hunting, and swimming.

This collar is GREAT for:

  • Owners of dogs who have a habit of getting their collar stuck on things
  • Owners who walk their dog in the dark and need a collar that reflects light
  • Owners who want their dog to stand out from the crowd

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