Amundsen Backpack

$ 189.00 $ 150.00

A hiking backpack for your canine that is as comfortable as yours!

The Amundsen Backpack by Non-Stop Dogwear is ergonomically advanced, designed to provide exceptional comfort for your dog over long distances and periods of time. Multi belts make this backpack highly adjustable and distribute the weight of the pack in a back-friendly manner. You know what it’s like to carry a pack that cuts, rubs, or places weight in odd places. Why put your dog through the same misery? This pack is water and weatherproof and can carry more than any other brand. It also features reflectors for visibility and safety.

This backpack is GREAT for:

  • Hikers and mountain climbers (who don’t want to injure their dogs with cheap packs!)
  • Anyone who puts a pack on their dog for an extended period of time
  • Those who need more storage space in their dog’s pack

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