Bike Antenna

$ 49.99 $ 35.00

No more wrecks or tangles!

The Bike Antenna by Non-Stop Dogwear is the most advanced and best-selling bike antenna in the world! Its design is unbeatable because it pulls from the front, not the side, and extends far enough to keep your dog’s leash from getting caught in the tires of your bike. Side-pulling bike antennas are accidents waiting to happen, use a front-pulling antenna instead! The spring allows your dog to move back and forth without jerking you around. Convert your bike into a fun, dog-friendly machine today!

This antenna is GREAT for:

  • Dog owners who have had bad experiences with bike antennas that pull from the side
  • Bicyclists who are tired of having biking accidents because of their dog
  • New bicyclists/dog owners who want the best equipment on the market

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